Empathic Lighting
NIRICT Development Project (40K Eur)

A collaboration between the three technological universities in the Netherlands, this projects aims at pushing the boundaries of affect-adaptive lighting systems. More information can be found at: https://www.4tu.nl/nirict/en/Research/Empathic-Lighting/

Semantic-Aware Quality Assessment
NWO Veni Grant for young researchers (250K Eur, personal grant)

The project investigates the role of visual semantics in the Quality of the (visual) Experience and aims at developing objective QoE assessment tools that take into account the semantic content of visual media.

VARIUM (Visual Artifacts Interference Understanding and Modeling)
CAPES/NUFFIC grant 2011 for cooperation between the Netherlands and Brazil for the project

The project aims at investigating the perceptual impact of multiple and overlapped temporal and spatial artifacts in videos
Scientists involved: Dr Judith Redi, Prof. Ingrid Heynderickx and Prof. Huib de Ridder (TU Delft), Prof. Mylene Farias, Prof. Bruno Machiavello and Prof. Ricardo Lopes de Queiroz (University of Brasilia), Prof. Max Costa (University of Campinas)

ACE (Adaptive Ambience Creation in Care Centres for Elderly)
Point-One Innovation funding scheme, 2010-2015

The project aims at developing intelligent ambiences able to adapt the lighting of a space so that the mood of the occupants is driven towards a better affective state.
Scientists involved: Dr. Judith Redi, MSc. Andre Kuijsters, MSc. Christina Katsimerou (TU Delft), Prof. Ingrid Heynderickx (TU Delft and Philips Research), Dr. Boris de Ruiter (Philips Research)